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Welcome to the SARELIX Cigar Store, the official business website of SARELIX Accessories LLC, where sophistication meets indulgence. Explore our curated collection, a symphony of craftsmanship and flavor. From premium accessories to travel essentials, each product is designed to elevate your cigar experience. Immerse yourself in the world of refined living and savor the moments with us.

Living in Brooklyn's fast-paced lifestyle, Frederick, aka The Black Cigar Entrepreneur, and many other 'Cigar Aficionados', often find their peace at High-End Cigar Lounges such as Brooklyn Blew Smoke, Crown Cigar Lounge and Davidoff's or on the stoop, which is often a norm in the Borough of Kings.

Being highlighted in Ebony.com with other prominent Black Aficionado Cigar Lovers was an absolute Honor to be featured in such a historical media platform.

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